Your customers and your CFO want the same thing

It costs more and takes longer to design every new generation of chips; your CFO wants more sales for the investment; your customer wants your chips to meet their needs, even as they change.  The solution is more flexible chips.

CUSTOMIZATION: Make one chip do the work of dozens.  Microcontrollers, for example, have dozen of variations of serial interfaces.  As leading edge microcontrollers are moving to 40nm, a small amount of embedded FPGA provides a way to customize chips without $1 Million masks for each variation.  You can give every customer the custom chip they want quickly and at low incremental cost.  This of course can work for other chips and functions.  (See our app note #2 below on Flexible I/O).

UPGRADEABILITY: Your chips take longer to design each generation, but standards and customer specs keep changing: it's a moving target.  For example, in Data Centers customers are now pushing for chips that can be reconfigured to handle changing protocols (networking, storage, security): See Doug Burger's FPL2016 talk & #4 below for how to integrate fast reconfigurable control logic. Wireless Base Stations benefit from being able to upgrade DSP algorithms: see #5 below for examples.  If you have a chip that can evolve,  you will sell more and for longer because your customers will prefer it.  

Chips that can be customized and upgraded increase Return on Investment (more sales, longer chip life) and makes your customer happier too (they get what they need and their system lasts longer).

EFLX embedded FPGA cores provide reconfigurable blocks of logic that you can place anywhere in your chip and reconfigure anytime.  We can provide any size block to accommodate your reconfigurable RTL needs, with optional DSP/RAM.  Our software takes RTL and maps it into the EFLX array.  Even small blocks have hundreds and thousands of interconnects so you can insert in wide data paths or connect to processor buses.  EFLX is proven in silicon in TSMC 40ULP/LP and TSMC 28HPM/HPC, and soon in TSMC 16FF+/FFC.  Lead customers are in design with EFLX for a range of applications.

Our inventors won the ISSCC Outstanding Paper award for our inventions that allow us to provide the densest embedded FPGA available on the process node you need.

Our software is available for evaluation and is in use at multiple customers. We are venture backed, well financed, and our CEO was the founding CEO of Rambus: experienced at building an innovative team from startup through IPO.

Tony Kozaczuk recently joined us as Director of Solutions Architecture (he had been a Lead Systems Architect at Intel and before that at Sun).  He has developed a growing list of specific applications that benefit from EFLX embedded FPGA:
1. Software reconfigurable I/O pin multiplexing,
2. Flexible I/O for MCU and IoT and even SoCs,
3. Extending battery life for MCU and IoT: EFLX can do DSP at lower energy than ARM,
4. Fast control logic for Reconfigurable Cloud Data Centers,
5. DSP Acceleration.

Explore our website to learn more.  Contact us at to set up an engineering discussion with our experts or for a business discussion with our VP Sales.  We would love to help you improve your products' value proposition and competitive advantage.