We are hiring to keep up with growing customer demand

We are venture-backed ($7.4M Series A in Q4/2015 & $5M Series B in Q2/2017), have executives with proven startup and IPO experience, and technologists who won the ISSCC Outstanding paper award.  You'll learn faster, have a big impact and have fun at Flex Logix.

Work with super talented hardware engineers who have worked on numerous high volume ICs on process nodes from 180nm to 7nm for dozens of companies from AMD to Zoran.  Our software development engineers are just as talented and experienced.

We tripled in size in 2016 but we need still more great people to keep up with growing customer demand.  We look for people with a proven track record, who are top performers, and who are passionate and entrepreneurial.  We have a great technology that is in design at multiple customers (SiFive, Sandia, DARPA, Harvard are ones we can mention publicly) and will become pervasive in SoCs/MCU/IoTs: you can make a big difference in our success and the rapid adoption of EFLX reconfigurable logic. We have working silicon, working software, and customers in design.  Our Architecture/Applications team is documenting our value in a growing range of applications.

We don't care where you are from (our current team comes from North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia) but you must now live in Silicon Valley and be authorized to work in the US.  Also, we have multiple women employees including management.

Send your resumes and contact info to hr@flex-logix.com: only apply if you are highly qualified, very smart, super-motivated and willing to work hard!

Hardware Design Engineer: Hardware Design Engineer job description.