New EFLX1K eFPGA Core Perfect for 40-180nm nodes and for Fast Control Logic on 7-28nm nodes

Based on gen2 architecture for high density & speed

EFLX1K gives finer granularity and the range of array sizes needed by customers who find the EFLX4K to be too big. The EFLX1K gives better LUT density and LUT/IO ratio for most customers than the smaller EFLX150/100. The EFLX1K is a derivative of our EFLX4K architecture so we can quickly port it to new process nodes, once engineering resource are available, and provide EFLX Compiler support.

Our customers with applications such as IoT and MCU on 40-180nm nodes have different needs:  the amount of reconfigurable logic required is less and area is very important.   In 40-180nm nodes the need for eFPGA is <20K LUTs with EFLX1K arrays of 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K, 8K, 10K, 12K and 16K possible giving a wide range of sizes with small increments of granularity.

Some applications on advanced nodes, 7-28nm, especially networking require small, reconfigurable fast control logic blocks for state machines. The EFLX1K is the optimum solution for these applications as well.

Both Logic and DSP cores will be available and can be mixed interchangeably in arrays.  Below is a block diagram of the EFLX1K Logic core on the left and EFLX1K DSP core on the right.

2018 06 EFLX1K Logic and DSP cores.png

Each core has 368 inputs and 368 outputs (yellow).  The Logic core or tile has 900 LUT4 equivalents.  The DSP tiles replaces some of the LUTs: it has 10 DSP MACs, the same as in the EFLX4K, and 650 LUT4s.  The DSP MACs are arranged in two rows of 5: adjacent MACs can pipeline directly without needing to go through the interconnect network for even higher speed.  

The EFLX1K is fully supported by our EFLX Compiler software toolset.

This architecture can be implemented with or without power gating, as needed for the application (power gating gives more power management but cuts into the IR drop resulting in somewhat less performance).  The EFLX1K cores can be implemented in any process in 6-8 months.  

Download the EFLX1K Target Spec HERE.

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