EFLX Extends Battery Life for MCU & IoT

Many IOT/MCU chips in TSMC 40ULP operate in a battery-backed environment.  

Unfortunately a bigger battery is just not feasible and no one wants to change batteries.

To maximize battery life it is important to maximize computation achieved per Joule.

Tony Kozaczuk, Flex Logix' Director of Architecture Solutions, has done an analysis of the energy requirements for several DSP applications in TSMC 40ULP EFLX100 compared to an ARM processor with memory accesses.  The EFLX100 uses up to 5x less energy for some DSP operations even before factoring in the energy of the memory accesses.  The EFLX100 also does the computations in less time.  

Attached is the link to a presentation summarizing the findings: CLICK HERE.

Tony would be happy to review the findings with you and discuss your application. Contact our Sales VP, Andy Jaros, to set up a web-ex: andy@flex-logix.com.