Experienced Management with a Record of Success

Our CEO was Sr. VP Microprocessors at AMD with >500 people; then he was founding CEO of Rambus joining as employee #4, taking it public to a $2 Billion Market Cap when he left.

Our Sr. VP Engineering is young but has done a lot in a short time: 2 years at Zoran as a chip designer; 5 FPGA chips in 90nm to 40nm during his PhD while developing a patented interconnect that makes FPGAs 1/2 the size (which was recognized with the ISSCC Outstanding Paper award in 2014); and now 3 embedded FPGA cores and validation chips at Flex Logix; plus development of the software to program them all.

Our VP Silicon Engineering was a high speed digital designer at LTX before joining Rambus where he eventually managed >100 engineers in circuit design, logic design, verification and CAD delivering hard IP for many of the world's largest chip companies for very high volume products.

Our Sales VP has 20+ years experience in Semiconductor IP Sales and Sales Management at ARM, ARC, Virage and Synopsys.

Our Director Solutions Architect was Lead Systems Architect at Intel for multiple desktop CPUs; prior to that he was a Server Architect for multiple systems at Sun; and before that a designer at National.

Collectively we have the experience to manage multiple projects, multiple customers, hire rapidly and build a large, effective business.

Experienced Engineers who have Done it Before

Our hardware engineers collectively worked on dozens of high volume chips in 180nm, 90n, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 16/14nm and even 7nm.

Our engineers have worked on high volume chip designs at:

Dolphin Technology
Oracle (SPARC)
PMC Sierra
ST Micro

Collectively, they have the experience to work effectively and efficiently with your design team.

Our Software Engineers are just as talented and experienced.

Proven in Silicon

We know your chip is mission critical and has to work first time.  Our experience makes us confident in our work, but we know that to be 100% sure we must prove out each of our EFLX cores in Silicon in our Validation chips before you use it in yours.  

We Get Results Quickly

Because our experience, we can execute quickly and effectively.  We have in business for just over 3 years but we have working software (EFLX Compiler) and proven silicon in TSMC 16FF+/FFC/12FFC, TSMC 28HPM/HPC/HPC+, TSMC 40ULP/LP and Sandia 180nm -- and more ports are coming: we are now designing in GF14 and TSMC 7/7+.

We Are From All Over the World

Our team grew up in Argentina, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, Taiwan and the USA.  We can support you in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian and Serbian.