Flex Logix' Cheng Wang, Fang-Li Yuan and UCLA professor Dejan Markovic receiving the Lewis Winner Award for Outstanding Paper at ISSCC on 23 February 2015.  This is in recognition for their paper detailing breakthrough FPGA technologies at ISSCC 2014 entitled "A multi-granularity FPGA with hierarchical interconnects for efficient and flexible mobile computing."  ISSCC is the most prestigious semiconductor technology conference and this is ISSCC's most prestigious award.

A link to the paper on the IEEE web site is HERE.

They had earlier published a paper in 2011 at the VLSI Circuits Symposium entitled "A 1.1 GOPS/mW FPGA chip with hierarchical interconnect fabric."  A link to this paper on the IEEE web site is HERE.

These papers were the culmination of several years of work starting in 2009 in developing improved FPGA technologies over five different FPGA chips:

Five FPGA chips 2009-2013 Wang Markovic Yuan.png