Modular eFPGA Enables Portable Verilog Code for Acceleration

Until now FPGAs and eFPGAs have been programmed as one big block.  Binaries have not been portable. Source code has had to be stitched together and customized for different array sizes and for different SoCs/MCUs.

eFPGA can be a reconfigurable accelerator with performance 30-100x faster than a processor (for more information and an app note with with examples such as encryption, DSP, compression, see our ACCELERATION PAGE). Microsoft Azure uses FPGAs as co-processors in their data centers to do the same thing.

Modular eFPGA enables Verilog software to be used by MCU and SoC programmers who don’t know Verilog - they only need to do a simple C/C++ subroutine call.

Modular eFPGA.png

And Verilog IP suppliers can address a bigger ecosystem.

This is achieved by modularizing the eFPGA into fixed size modules with each one having the same resources. And modules can be combined for larger Verilog programs.

Read the application note by Tony Kozaczuk, our Director of Solutions Architecture (ex Sun, ex Intel) HERE.

This architecture is easy to implement with EFLX eFPGA because it is built using discrete cores. Either EFLX4K or EFLX1K can be used as preferred.