March 2014 - Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. incorporated

May 2014 - Lux Capital leads Series A and joins the Board

November 2014 - First product, EFLX™-2.5K core taped-out in TSMC 28HPM

February 2015 - Flex Logix leaders win Lewis Winner Outstanding Paper award at ISSCC for their February 2014 paper on some of our key technologies

April 2015 - EFLX-2.5K core in TSMC 28HPM validated in silicon

June 2015 - DSP version of EFLX-2.5K core taped-out

September 2015 - RAM architecture announced

September 2015 - DSP version of EFLX-2.5K core silicon back & validated (results under NDA)

October 2015 - Eclipse Ventures leads Series A1 ($7.4M) and joins the Board

December 2015 - VP Silicon Engineering joins

January 2016 - VP Sales joins

January 2016 - first patent issued

August 2016 - Pierre Lamond joins Flex Logix Board of Directors

August 2016 - Director of Solutions Architecture joins

August 2016 - EFLX100 Logic and DSP cores available in TSMC 40ULP

December 2016 - Gen 2 EFLX150 1GHz core available in TSMC 16FF/FF+

January 2017 - Agreement with DARPA announced

February 2017 - Serial I/O for EFLX available from CAST and SoC Solutions

May 2017 - Flex Logix Raises $5M Series B

May 2017 - Higher Density, Higher Performance Gen2 EFLX4K Available for TSMC16FFC/FFC+/12FFC

June 2017 - Harvard Selects Flex Logix for Deep Learning Chip, Now in Fabrication

September 2017 - Flex Logix joins the TSMC IP Alliance and wins the TSMC 2017 Partner of Year Award for New IP

October 2017 - Adopted Xilinx naming convention using LUT4 equivalents for capacity for Gen 2 EFLX cores with LUT6

October 2017 - SiFive offers EFLX eFPGA for 28nm customizable RISC-V SoC and 180nm customizable RISC-V MCU

November 2017 - Flex Logix Co-Founder Cheng Wang Awarded Three FPGA Interconnect Patents that are the underpinning of the XFLX high-density EFLX interconnect

February 2018 - Flex Logix Co-Founder Cheng Wang Awarded Interconnect Patent for Tiling of eFPGA Cores to Creat Wide Range of Larger eFPGA Arrays

April 2018 - first EFLX Evaluation Board Available Using EFLX200K Array on TSMC16FFC

May 2018 - Flex Logix Awarded Interconnect Patent for Connecting Any Kind of RAM Between eFPGA Cores.

June 2018 - Flex Logix Announces EFLX1K, EFLX4K AI and EFLX4K IO eFPGA Cores

June 2018 - Sandia Labs presented Dragonfly SoC using EFLX eFPGA at DAC

August 2018 - Harvard Flexible Deep Neural Network showing eFPGA with superior power/performance

September 2018 - Boeing licenses EFLX eFPGA for GlobalFoundries 14LPP

October 2018 - NMAX neural inferencing architecture announced