EasyVision enables your company to rapidly adopt AI into your applications. No AI experience required.

EasyVision from Flex Logix

EasyVision provides an easy path to grow your business with Edge AI

The EasyVision platform provides a turnkey solution for integrating AI with your applications

EasyVision includes:
Greater than 60 frame per second performance
Yolo-based 608x608 high resolution images
Optimized computing hardware
Pre-trained vision models
Processes high definition images
Software framework for application integration
Support services

EasyVision Makes AI Simple

EasyVision removes the barriers of access to AI technology and helps businesses adopt AI vision solutions to accelerate their growth and profitability.

AI is hard and not all businesses are equipped to handle the engineering challenges of AI. More broadly, for AI technologies, technical complexity, fragmented tool chains, and a shortage of skilled engineers are constraining the successful deployment of true vision-based AI solutions.

EasyVision provides a robust AI platform that is built on proven hardware and software technology. The EasyVision AI platform delivers leading edge AI performance and easily supports secure connectivity to sensors, networks and enterprise applications, bringing the power of AI to all.

Example Applications

Hard Hat Detector

Identifies individuals both wearing and not wearing appropriate hardhats.

Image Description

License Plate Recognition

Image Description

Face Mask Detection

Identifying faces both with and without masks

Image Description

People Counter

Detects people in crowded image within 20 milliseconds

Image Description

A Simple AI Platform To Build Your Applications On

Our EasyVision team integrates best in class computing hardware, including our InferX AI accelerator, with advanced fully trained machine learning models to achieve state of the art accuracy and performance for a growing list of common computer vision use cases. 

Experienced Team

PhD Computer vision experts working with world class HW providers creating end to end solutions.

Leadership Hardware

Vision systems built on reliable industry standard hardware is the best foundation for robust solutions.  Our EasyVision solutions are based on Dell and HPE hardware combined with our own InferX X1 AI Accelerator to deliver computer vision solutions in a fraction of the cost and power envelope of systems based on GPU technology.

Quick Pilots

From idea to solution in weeks using our EasyVision platform. The easiest way to deploy deep learning solutions.

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