EE Times Emerging Companies to watch

EE Times Emerging Companies to watch

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Flexible, Reconfigurable I/O for Microcontrollers & IoT

Tony Kozaczuk, Director of Solutions Architecture, joined us 3 months ago from Intel where he was Lead Systems Architect for multiple CPUs and before that an architect at Sun.  He has now produced his 2nd application note showing how to connect EFLX to the APB bus and implement GPIO ports and serial interfaces in reconfigurable RTL, enabling one 40nm mask set to support dozens of different customers requested variations in GPIO/serial interfaces (and quickly).  Check out the app note on this page: Flexible I/O.

Cheng Wang Q&A in Electronic Design

Click here for the article.

(Re)Configurable Clouds will change the world

Doug Burger, Microsoft talks about how the ability to reprogram a datacenter's hardware protocols (networking, storage, security) is a game changer: click here for his presentation at FPL2016.

EFLX embedded FPGAs give you the capability to implement reconfigurability in your Networking & Communications SoCs.  We have EFLX available now in TSMC28 and very soon in TSMC16FF for your new designs.

EFLX Saves Energy in TSMC 40ULP!

Many times we hear "but FPGAs are high power" - maybe the chips are, but embedded FPGA can be very energy efficient.  Tony Kozaczuk, our new Director of Solutions Architecture, has done an analysis showing that for the DSP functions he analyzed, a small EFLX array can be up to 5x less power than an embedded processor (and that's before considering the energy for the ARM memory accesses), and executes faster as well.  So an EFLX array can be used to do the repetitive DSP functions in a battery-backed chip, only waking up the processor for more complex tasks.  See Tony's analysis on this page, with a link to the slide deck: set up a call with Tony to discuss your application: email

EFLX™ for TSMC 40ULP in Validation

EFLX-100 Logic and DSP cores in multiple VT combinations are available now for integration in MCU, IOT and other ICs. 

A validation chip will prove out all 10 versions of the EFLX-100 core: we have just received it back and are about to begin test.   See our TSMC 40 ULP page for information on the validation chip.

EFLX™ for TSMC 16FF+ & 16FFC in Design

We are in development of EFLX-100 and EFLX-2.5K embedded FPGA cores for TSMC 16FF+/FFC.  

EFLX-100 for TSMC 16FF+ will be available first; then, EFLX-100 and EFLX-2.5K for TSMC 16FFC will be available in the first half of 2017.  More information is available under NDA.  

Reconfigure your RTL in chip and in system whenever you want

Now you can keep your protocol, encryption, digital front end, etc bug free and up to date with the latest standards and customer/market needs.  Also use EFLX as a reconfigurable accelerator or customizable block to tune your SoC to your customers' needs.  This can improve your chip value and your customer's system value - consider a new business model: charging for value added upgrades.

We provide a total solution: an array of any size, thousands of I/O's, optional DSP acceleration, optional RAM of any size/kind, multiple clocks and software that maps your RTL into the EFLX array you specify.

For a simple but detailed example, check out our IO Multiplexing page.

EFLX™ Compiler - try it yourself!

Our software, the EFLX Compiler,  converts your RTL into a bit stream which you load into the EFLX FPGA array to program it to run your RTL including DSP and Block RAM.  The EFLX Compiler is in use at our lead customers and is now available for evaluation for qualified customers: contact us at

TSMC EFLX™ Roadmap 

EFLX  is available now in TSMC 28HPM/HPC, it is silicon proven, a validation report is available and is it being integrated now by customers into chips.  EFLX in TSMC 40LP/ULP is available now and a validation chip is in fab.  EFLX is in development now for TSMC 16FF+/FFC.  We expect TSMC 28HPC+ will be next.  

Need a summary to circulate to the team?

Download our 4-page PDF overview of our technology and company:  click here to get the PDF.
Download our 2-page product brief on the EFLX-100 logic/DSP core for TSMC 40ULP/LP: click here to get the PDF.
Download our 2-page product brief on the EFLX-2.5K logic/DSP core for TSMC 28HPM/HPC: click here to get the PDF.
Download our DSP Technology Overview which explains the DSP core features for EFLX-100 and EFLX-2.5K: click here for PDF.

Now you can evaluate EFLX™ at low risk and low cost

Architects, Front End Designers, Physical Design teams all need to become familiar with Reconfigurable RTL.  Now you can dig into the details before committing to a product chip.

Flex Logix™ offers a Fast Track prototyping license for $50K to design and build a prototype using one of our EFLX cores in TSMC 40ULP/LP or TSMC28HPM/HPC.  Check out the details at Fast Track.

Help us make the world a more flexible place!

We are hiring: engineering, applications.  See our careers page for jobs in Silicon Valley for great people who want to make a difference.

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