SiFive Platform Chips with EFLX embedded FPGA

SiFive,, now offers EFLX embedded FPGA for their Freedom Platform chips (see Freedom Platform).

SiFive is the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors based on the RISC-V processor architecture.

Flex Logix is partnering with SiFive to make EFLX eFPGA available for SiFive Freed Platform chips as part of the DesignShare program: this means that customers can get customized Freedom Platform chip prototypes with eFPGA in both 28nm and 180nm at a very low cost because Flex Logix and other DesignShare participants defer IP costs until later when the customer is ready to go into production.

SiFive Freedom U500 28nm.png

The Freedom U500 platform chips are in 28nm with RISC-V core performance of 1.6GHz+, multicore options, cache coherency support and high speed peripherals: PCIe 3.0, USB3.0, GbE, DDR3/4.  

The Freedom U500 SoC Platform enables custom accelerators on the native TL-bus (like the AXI-bus):  Flex Logix EFLX eFPGA will be available in several size options with attached dual-port RAM directly attached to the TL bus and to up to 64-bits of GPIO enabling customers to implement their own configurable accelerators and programmable serial I/O and I/O subsystems.  

Our engineering teams are working together to integrate EFLX into a future tape-out of the SiFive U500 base platform for customer evaluation using SiFive evaluation boards and software.  More details will be available soon.

Flex Logix has shown that accelerators implemented in Verilog/RTL can increase performance for tasks like AES and DSP 30-100 times faster than a processor:  see Accelerators.  Since the eFPGA is reconfigurable, the customer can implement multiple accelerators and switch between them as workloads shift.  And Serial I/O can be programmed in eFPGA to implement any of dozens of serial I/O standards at very high performance: see Flexible I/O.

Freedom U300 MCU Platform

Freedom U300 MCU Platform

The Freedom U300 MCU Platform also enables custom accelerators in 180nm with on-chip flash.  Flex Logix will implement EFLX on-demand in several size options for the Freedom U300 so customers can implement architectures such as Flex Logix has recently demonstrated: see Flex Micro

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